About the Journal

Aim of the Journal

A scientific practical Journal of Ophthalmology (Ukraine) (Oftalmologicheskii Zhurnal) was founded by an academician Vlаdimir Filatov. It is a collective edition; its founders are State Institution “The Filatov Institute of Eye Diseases and Tissue Therapy of National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine” and Ukrainian Society of Ophthalmologists. The history of the Journal began in 1946 when the first issue was published.

The aim of the journal is to develop scientific potential in the field of ophthalmology, to provide the practicing ophthalmologists with information on the latest clinical and laboratory researches, and to support scientists and junior researchers. Journal of Ophthalmology (Ukraine) publishes articles of Ukrainian and foreign scientists, residents and students as well as the proceedings of scientific conferences. 

Scope of the Journal

Journal of Ophthalmology (Ukraine) contains articles on eye diseases diagnosis and treatment, eye care, eye diseases prevention, history of ophthalmology, organization of eye care to population, technical equipment problems. It is committed to publishing original scientific researches and review articles on theory and practice of Ukrainian and foreign ophthalmology, cases, reviews, inventions, historical and medical reviews. It contains peer-reviews of books on ophthalmology, articles on activity of ophthalmologic societies, congresses and conferences chronicles. Journal is designed to ophthalmologists and scientific researchers in the field of vision physiology and eye diseases clinic.

ISSN and State Registration / Certifacation

ISSN 2413-8746 (Russian/Ukrainian ed. Online) 

ISSN 0030-0675 (Russian/Ukrainian ed. Print)

ISSN 2412-8740 (English ed. Online)

Journal is registered in Ukrainian State Committee of press, printing and book distribution affairs – Certificate KB №1034 from 28.10.1994.

Journal is approved by State Certification Committee of Ukraine: (medicine) №1-05/5 from 01.07.2010


Journal of Ophthalmology (Ukraine) presents material in sections:

Clinical Ophthalmology; Experimental Studies; Literature Review; Case Reports; History of Ophthalmology; Review Articles; Discussions; Lectures; Innovations; Organization of Ophthalmic Care; To help the practical doctor; Experience Exchange; Information; Congresses and Conferences.

Languages and Circulation

Print version.  Papers are published in Ukrainian, Russian or English according to the Author's choice. The papers in Ukrainian and Russian are provided with a summary/abstract in English.

On-line version. All the articles have English language abstracts and titles. On this site Journal publishes full texts (pdf) of 2 year old articles (Original version only). Works published in 2012-2013 are available now. 

Since 2015 Journal is translated into English and English language full texts of articles are available in the English language online edition “Journal of Ophthalmology”.

Journal is published in Ukrainian, Russian, and English six times a year.